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Previous KUMURU events in a nutshell

Here you can read about the previous KUMURU events in English. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact!

Currently happening - spring 2013

During spring 2013, KUMURU will focus on enhancing the co-operation in South Ostrobothnia region. As a result the project will present new event and business concepts to the region. The project is now looking for chefs, musicians and event managers to produce events combining culture, music and food during spring 2013. The objective is to create several small KUMURU events during May and June. The participants will work on the event ideas in KUMURU workshops. There will be three workshops during February, March and April. Please contact us to find out more and sign up for the workshops!

Restaurant Juurella created a sweet tango drink with birch leaves and a taste of blueberries. Photo: Maija Kontukoski.

The Pilot Event

The pilot event of KUMURU was held in September 2011. The seminar presented both Finnish and international examples of research, events and business models, which combine music and culinary art. In addition, the participants of the KUMURU pilot event created new co-operative projects to start new research and business ideas in the South Ostrobothnia region.


KUMURU Clubs were created to evoke thoughts and discussion about the experiences offered by food and music enjoyed as a combined entity. The theme of the first KUMURU Club was tango and tasting. The Clubs also present professionals of culture and food industries as guest speakers. 

Restaurant Alma's version of a sweet tango composition. Photo: Maija Kontukoski.

KUMURU Music Restaurant 

In November 2011 KUMURU Club was followed by KUMURU Music Restaurant. The KUMURU pilot event started an idea of combining music and food to create a unique musical lunch for all senses. The lunch took place in Café Jakari, which turned into a pop up restaurant called KUMURU Soittoravintola (Music restaurant). All three courses of the lunch were enjoyed with a complementary music or soundscape by violinist Piia Kleemola-Välimäki.

Taste of Tango 

In July 2012 the VIP event of the tango festival Tangomarkkinat showed what tango can taste like. Argentinean researcher-musician Bruno Mesz composed four tangos, which represented sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Restaurants Alma and Juurella from Seinäjoki listened to the tango, without knowing it was the sweet one, and created welcoming drinks for the VIP guests. The experience was positively surprising and the drinks were indeed sweet! The drinks were enjoyed while listening to the sweet tango performed live. 

Musicians Piia Kleemola-Välimäki (violin), Minna Lindblad (piano) and Marita Ylevä (accordeon) playing the sweet tango by Bruno Mesz. Photo: Mika Virkkala.

T.o.M – Taste of Music

T.o.M – Taste of Music was a performance art event held in September 2012. Chefs Jani Unkeri (Restaurant Juurella) and Joni Pukkinen (Manor House of Uppala) created tidbits based on tastes of sweet, sour, bitter and salty. The artistic part was created by composer Bruno Mesz and dancer-choreographer Maria Ceña. The performance was a combination of video installation, dance, piano music and taste experiences. 

Chefs Jani Unkeri (Restaurant Juurella) and Joni Pukkinen (Manor House of Uppala) created  tidbits for Taste of Music performance. Photo: Timo Aalto.

KUMURU seminar and workshop 

At the same time with the performance, a KUMURU seminar and workshop was held. Chefs, musicians and event managers discussed the music choices and soundscapes of restaurants.

The chef of restaurant Hella&Huone, Arto Rastas, presented a demo of combined culinary and auditory experience. Rastas prepared a three-course dinner for all senses. Each course was intended to be enjoyed with a complementary soundscape. The sounds came from a prepared tape, but also from the food itself.

For example, the food portion Ocean (Meri) included a water element made of agar jelly, seawater and seaweed. The white foam of waves consisted of seaweed, yogurt and lemon. The sandy beach was made of caramel pistachios and garlic bread, and the course was topped by clams and vinegar marinated herring. 

Ocean by Arto Rastas. Photo: Maija Kontukoski.

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