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KUMURU (Culture, Music, Food) is a project which aims to produce novel research and ideas for events combining culture, music and food. It inspires companies and entrepreneurs to develop new business ideas. 

In the heart of the project is an effort to find a completely new perspective to create experiences where food and music are enjoyed as a joint sensation experience. To succeed in this effort, the project relies on cooperation between the professionals of music, food, culture and experience and event productions.

KUMURU is a two-year research, development and innovation project funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Additional funders are The Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia, City of Seinäjoki, Economic Development Centre of Seinäjoki Region, University Fund of South Ostrobothnia and University of Turku.

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Sensibus Festival, March 12th-15th


12.-15.3.2014 KUMURU project is going to organize an event called Sensibus Festival. Sensibus Festival is a multimodal and multisensory event, which presents innovative ways to combine different sensory elements into one experience. The event combines culinary arts, music, aromas and other cultural and art forms. 

Sensibus Festival will present interactive lectures, workshops, showcases and actual dinners and events, which are all combined by the idea of multisensory experiences.

Keynote speakers are professor Charles Spence (University of Oxford, UK), sound artist Per Samuelsson (Sweden) and mathematician-musician Bruno Mesz (University of Quilmes, Argentina). 

We will update more information about the event to Sensibus website! Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have questions!